CE Approved Steel Fabrication Company

We have decided to set up this page to explain what the CE Marking scheme means for our customers.

BS 1090 CE Marking was a law that came into effect on the 1st July 2014 and it applies to all fabricated structural steel work that is to be fitted in the construction industry.

Any company or person fabricating products of this kind must comply to the CE Marking Scheme.

Every job must have a structural engineer design, every welder involved in the job must be tested, welding plant must be calibrated, all materials must have a valid test certificate.

To control all this we have in place a Factory Production Control and Weld procedures to cover all our welding requirements.

We are audited on an annual bases by a 3rd party consultant to make sure we comply with the CE Marking scheme.

Any person or company fabricating structural steel work destined for the construction industry that don’t conform to the CE Marking scheme run the risk of the product failing and also the risk of Building control being unable to sign off the steel members.

JSJ Structures Ltd is CE Approved.